Sound Balancing Session

Recommended First Session. This session combines skills from Vibrational Sound Therapy, Biofield Tuning and VFRT. Using tuning forks, Himalayan therapeutic bowls,tensor tools, harmonizers, crystals, polarity and intention to facilitate balance and relaxation.

55 minutes  $75

Vibrational Sound Therapy Sound Immersion Meditation 

Sound immersion meditation, attend the regular seasonal Monday Evening offerings or ask about scheduling private sessions for individuals, couples, families or groups.

By donation

Vibrational Sound Therapy

1 hour  $75

Biofield Tuning

1 hour  $90*

*Please note: these session are typically one hour, but could run longer depending on need, extended sessions are an additional 20.00/15 minutes.

Biofield Tuning Sonic Meridian Flush  

1.5 hour  $115

Vibrational Fascia Release Technique (VFRT)

45 minutes $55.00