Vibrational Sound Therapy Sound Immersion Meditation 

Offered outdoors when the weather is good Monday evenings 7–8 pm between the Spring & Fall Equinox’s on the lawn in the green space outside The Yoga Room at Kissel Hill Commons: 620 Paxton Place, Lititz, PA. Please bring a blanket to lay on the grass, a pillow and a cover. It’s ideal to arrive a few minutes early so you can get situated. Participants are encouraged to drink lots of water leading up to and after the immersion and, if possible, plan for a nice soak in an epsom salt bath directly afterward.  

Sound Immersion Meditation is by donation (suggested donation is $20, but please don’t let fiscal concerns keep you from experiencing this, give what you can).

Sound healing on the lawn with Lori was blissful

Debbie Serdy

It was great! I found it was intense. I felt strong, I felt free and powerful. I felt connected to nature and earth. At some point, my eyes cried…not related to conscious thought. I regret that my feet were not on the ground for a better connection. As said by someone else, it is a very good reset and realignment of priorities.