Vibrational Sound Therapy

Prepare to release long-held patterns of stress, and to deeply relax, as metal Himalayan singing bowls are played directly on your body.

The sounds and vibrations from Himalayan singing bowls are the result of careful combination of metals to create an alloy that is especially resonant.  The Therapeutic Series of bowls that Lori uses are designed specifically for Vibrational Sound Massage and Therapy.  These bowls provide particularly clear, fine tones, rich overtones, and long-lasting vibrations.   When the bowls are placed directly on the body, the healing vibrations penetrate the tissues and fill your body with a balancing resonance.  The soothing pulse of the vibrations can aid in inducing deep meditative states, reducing depression and sleep issues, easing blockages and tension, increasing mental focus and gaining clarity of mind.

Wear comfortable clothing free of metal snaps and zippers if possible.  Lori will need to know about any metal pins, rods, or body-piercings. This is powerful work, and is contra-indicated for anyone with a pacemaker, a recent concussion, pregnancy, or active cancer.